OCommICORES 2016 Abstracts

Paper Nr: 2

Conception of a performance indicators system in quality management


Noussaiba Bounabri, Amina Ibnlfassi and Elmadani Saad

Abstract: Nowadays, Moroccan companies are to be more and more competitive, and offer top quality and technicality products and services. Moreover, with the current economic situation, industrial companies are drawn into a wave of continuous improvement, innovation and quality, if they want to gain a competitive advantage nationally and internationally. Thus, the performance assessment and measurement to upgrade decision making has become so essential and a major concern for companies worldwide. Our work explores the development of a balanced scorecard oriented method based on process approach and Ecograi for quality performance assessment. The first aim of this contribution is to present this method for evaluating quality management system performance whereas the second is to illustrate it through a case study of a sanitary ceramics company.